10 Tips for Decorating the Home Office

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This home office space is flooded with light from windows that offer a break from the computer screen. Draw inspiration from everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture store, even if you end up shopping elsewhere. IKEA has led the modern design aesthetic for many home office renovations, with sharp lines, bold contrast, practical storage, and compact shelving. See how adding a custom desk can quickly turn an odd corner into a modern workspace. As you plan your new office layout, it’s important to think through the space required around each item of furniture.

Throw in an Accent Pattern

Set yourself up for successYour work environment can have a big impact on your comfort and musculoskeletal health. Instead of forcing your body to fit your workspace, set up your workspace to fit your body. For some people a clock on the wall is enough, https://remotemode.net/ others prefer Pomodoro timers or use alarms on their phones. Whatever method you choose, it should help you stay focused, as well as make time for resting. Working for a fixed period of time every day helps give your day routine and structure.

If possible, avoid any high traffic areas where it’s easier to be distracted. Sunlight is an instant mood booster, so choosing a room with lots of natural light is ideal. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find that one piece of paper you’ve been searching for, so organization is key in home office design. Vertical storage is a great way to use wall space and keep it efficient.

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Allocating a designated workspace away from your home’s sociable areas and the temptations of the refrigerator is a great place to start with your home office ideas. It doesn’t have to be a huge space, but it does need to be reasonably quiet during your working hours and ideally include a window for eye-strain relieving screen breaks. Cool, calming colors and cozy textures make this sophisticated office a dream. The comfortable chairs offer a great conversation area while the desk is free from clutter and distraction to promote productivity.

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With its jolly abstract design this Roman blind in Lucy’s India fabric from Hare’s Tail Printing brings an uplifting pop of pattern. However, for those that don’t have the space for a dedicated room there are many ways to incorporate a workspace into your living room. To help get you inspired we’ve rounded up a host of practical and beautiful schemes along with some tips from the experts. Hayman notes that when home office tips designing an office for two people, style is just as important as function, as one person’s aesthetic could be distracting or off-putting for the other. “You have to find a common ground to make both of them happy, even if they don’t like the same things,” she says. With WeWork All Access, you can find inspiring and adaptable offices in hundreds of dedicated workspaces in WeWork locations around the world.

How can you design your own home office space?

It may be the room with the best light and the additional seating can make a great meeting space. However, sometimes you may not always want your work space to be a part of your living space. A simple lightweight divider like a curtain can be a great way to create that sense of separation. Besides improving productivity, it’s good for your work-life balance as well. Being able to switch off after your office hours will help you relax. This also means that you get time to spend with your family or pursuing a hobby.

home office tips design

Use a strong but soothing colour on the walls and add a bright contrast with a cushion or lampshade detail. ‘Home office ideas for him’ tend to be a little more pared back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add character. This striking geometric wallpaper creates an enclosed, intimate feel, enhanced by open shelving that lets the pattern show through.

Singing along to your favorite tunes is a great way to stay alert and entertained when performing repetitive or mindless tasks. However, lyrics can be distracting when undertaking tasks that require concentration so switch to acoustic tracks, ideally classical or symphonic, when you need more headspace to think. Never underestimate the power of music to boost productivity while you work from home. Listening to music has been proven to help you stay motivated, up productivity, and reduce anxiety. Choose faster tempo tracks – around 121 bpm – to increase performance or help maintain motivation at the end of the day.

home office tips design